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    Wheel of Fortune Hire

The Wheel of Fortune or Fortune Wheel is often referred to as 'The Big 6', it is a popular and attractive addition to any casino. More commonly found in North American casino's the wheel stands vertically in stark contrast to the Roulette Wheel.

The wheel is spun by a dealer, spokes spaced equally around the wheel divide the wheel into segments. A pointer at the top of the wheel indicates the winning segment once the wheel stops spinning. Each segment is allocated a number or pattern.

The frequency that each number or pattern appears on the wheel determines the odds for each segment. For example if $ bills are utilised the ũ bill may appear in 24 of the 52 segments and pay 1-1, where as the $ 1000 would only appear once and pay 100-1.

The numbers or patterns displayed on the wheel are presented on a table in front of the wheel on which players are invited to place their bets. Our wheels are 48'' in diameter and stand over 7' tall.

Segment inserts can be personalised to enhance product awareness & special occasions.

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