• Corporate Casino Hire
    Corporate Casino Hire
    For Exhibitions, Promotions, Conferences,
    Seminars, Television & Film Props

Casino Hire for Exhibitions & Promotions

Hire Casino provides an excellent opportunity to attract clients to your showroom or exhibition stand. A Fun Casino at your corporate event provides your sales team with the perfect ice breaker to approach potential clients. For that extra special corporate entertainment to celebrate your companies grand show room opening, car or product launch Hire Casino is the perfect choice.

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corporate Casino Hire
Hire Casino

Casino Hire for Conference Entertainment & Seminars

As an ice breaker to relieve anxiety on the first day of the seminar or as a memorable finale to your week's conference, a Fun Casino event provides a welcome distraction from the conference room. Providing a Blackjack Tournament as breakout entertainment offers a unique opportunity for social interaction and provides you with the much needed lighthearted corporate entertainment to break up the day.

We can also theme your event or provide you with a range of other activities and corporate entertainment.

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Casino Hire for Reward Celebrations

Encouraging your employees to dedicate their time to socialize with their colleagues outside of contracted hours has often proved difficult. Family and other commitments outside of work often leave little time for leisure and corporate entertainment. The opportunity for you to meet partners of valued staff members is often missed at dinner dances. Some employees may not attend through lack of interest. Some may attend but not enjoy dancing. Others will enjoy the dancing so much that the opportunity to meet others evades them.

Wedding Casino Hire

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