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Fundraising and Charity Casino Events

We sympathize with the efforts being made by all charities to raise monies for their cause. Due to the nature of our business, we are in a unique position to offer services to charities which appeal to a wide variety of individuals. A Fun Casino is a legitimate and proven way of generating funds for any cause at any event. The ability to stimulate peoples interest and generate a crowd provides charities with a captive audience who whilst enjoying the luxury of participating in our games are more than happy to give.

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Where & when?

Charities can utilize our services anywhere and anytime they are raising funds. One Blackjack table next to your stand at the local supermarket will arouse people"s curiosity and draw them closer to your volunteers. A tournament can be set up with a p.a. system in your local pub, donations are made to enter the tournament and a small prize is offered as an incentive to the winner!
For dinner/dances our full Fun Casino can be utilized. Our glamorous tables and friendly Dealers offer a welcome break from the dance floor and offer a unique opportunity for your charity to benefit. Fun money can be sold by representatives of the charity at the dinner table for people to participate in the activities.

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